Alexandra Magdaleno

Corporate Administrator



Approximate number of different types of red wine varietal’s I’ve tasted thus far

Number of trips I've made this year to the dog park with my two Iggy's (Italian Greyhounds, Lucy and Lola)

Number of parts to my vintage Mercedes

Alexandra is a Jill-of-all-trades and Bespoke’s Chief Organizer of Everything.  Possessing more than a decade of experience supporting executive management teams across the globe; working as both an Office Manager and Corporate Administrator.  Alexandra helps to create, execute and manage an office of busy professionals who keep her on her toes.   Her strong work ethic, tireless attention to detail, and Italian lineage have made her a tremendous and loyal asset to the Bespoke Partners team. Graduating with a B.S. in Business from SDSU, she arrived in San Diego on a tennis scholarship from New York with racket in hand.  She has a fierce drive and willingness to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service to clients. 


After hours, Alexandra can be described as a Bon Vivant. ‘90s rap music enthusiast. Perpetual day dreamer of Cabernet fueled nights. Cinema junkie. Clothes and shoe hoarder. Wanderluster and purveyor of the good life.