Alfie Burrus

Chief of Security




Number of bugs eaten in an hour


IQ Points


Number of 2017 Tinder dates 

Alfie is the Chief of Security at Bespoke Partners. After a long search to find the perfect CSO, Bespoke leadership was unanimous in deciding to hire Alfie for the critical role based out of San Diego, California.  With a resume full of security expertise, he has no problem monitoring the perimeter at Bespoke 24/7 and has raised the bar when it comes to keeping Bespoke safe. He instituted “sniff checks” to sort out possible explosives and treats, conducts security sweeps to locate hidden microphones and fallen food, and has completely banned felines from the premises.


While he’s not working, Alfie is a political leader for the Blue Dog Democrats, attends Yappie Hour at the US Grant Hotel and ends most nights by howling at the moon alongside his buddies at the bar.  Alfie is also passionate about local issues - more dog parks, less neutering and the passage of the Canine Restaurant Access Equality act (CRAE).